Ride It Nick!

Well it all started when my friend Cindy called me up on night and told me that the radio station where she works at just made a deal with Backstreet Boys manager to do a radio show here in town in about 3 weeks.

Her radio station is 107.98 The Mix. And the only people who can get in to see the guys are just the people who work at the station. Cindy talked to her boss about letting me be able to come and watch them. He didn't like the idea at first and then after 4 days he gave in and said that I could come.

I get to the station and the bus is all ready there. I had some problem getting in the door with the body guards. But Cindy came and told them it was ok.

So I was in! The guys were in the sound booth getting ready to so sound check.

I sat on the couch faing the guys. And soon the stations manager came up to me and gave me this pass that would let me go anywhere I waned to in the station and as close as I wanted too to the guys. And he told me that I couldn't take any pictures. That was the biggest disapointment. But I made the best of it. After about 30 minutes the guys came out and I got to meet them all.

They were all very sweet guys. I only got to get their autographs before they went back on their tour bus. They came back out for lunch.

For lunch me and the guys and Cindy and some others went outside to the forier where they had some tables sat up. One table had drinks on it and another had boxes of pizza on it and then 4 tables for every one to sit at and eat.

Nick invited me to eat lunch with them. WOAH! I couldn't believe it!

We were all joking around about each other and they told me some funny stuff that had happend to them on tour. Nick was saying how A.J. was trying to look like Chris from N Sync but ended up looking like Snoopy. And we all laughed.

Nick went to get a drink and I said, "Nick, I got it if you want to ride it! Giddy up Nick!" and Nick spitted his drink all over the place and fell on the floor laughing his butt off.

Cindy comes over and was like what "did you tell him? You didn't tell him that Giddy up thing did you?", and all the guys were like "Yup!".

They were trying not to laugh so hard.

After lunch we all went back to the sound room and the guys went back into the sound recording booth and put their head phones on.

They were asked about if any of them had girlfriends, if they ever feel like not going on stage, they were asked about their new CD comeing out and what will be on it. And they even sang a few songs acapella.

After that they were needing to leave to get ready for a concert. So Howie gave me two tickets for front row to see them tomarrow night.

That was a great concert too! And it was the best day of my life!!!


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