Welcome To Nick's Wonder Land Room 4

As you walk through Nick's door you are on a bus. It's not the school bus kind. It's the Gray Hound bus.

You are on a tour of the famouse singers homes in Orlando, Florida.

The bus stops at a real big two story house sitting off the bay. There is a big black iron fence surronding the property. The drive way is lined with little bushes and some palm trees.

"For our next stop we are here at one of the Backstreet Boys house. The home of Nick Carter."

'Oh my gosh!' you think as you grab your camera out of your backpack. "I hope that Nick is here!" you say to the person sitting next to you.

The guy sitting next to you is wearing a drak blue ball cap with dark sunglasses on. You can't see his face because his hat is down over his face. And when you asked him some stuff he would shake his head yes or no.

The doors open and the bus driver tells everyone they have 10 minutes to look around.

You get off behind the guy you were sitting with. He walks over to the gate door and starts to press some numbers.

"You know you will get in trouble for doing that." you say walking up behind the guy.

"No, I live here." The guy says.

"Oh my God it's Nick Carter!" you yell.

Everyone presses their faces up against the gate not knowing that Nick is right there.

"Can you keep it down some?" Nick asks.

"Sorry about that." you say.

You two stand there and talk about the last house you saw until the bus driver calls everyone back on the bus.

"I guess I have to go now." you say.

"How far do you live from here?" Nick asks.

"Not that far. About 30 minutes away." you say, "Why do you ask?"

"Would you like to come and eat dinner with me?" Nick asks.

"Sure!" you say.

You guys go in and he introduces you to his family and you guys sit down for some pizza.

"Mrs. Carter, how did Nick get started in what he is doing now? you ask.

"Oh, well here I will tell you." She begins. "Nick Carter was just a hyper, happy--go--lucky 13 year--old when he auditioned for the group that would become the Backstreet Boys." Mrs. Carter says.

"There were about 200 people auditioning and I was lucky enough to be chosen. For my audition, I sang an old Richard Marx song called "Take This Heart." And luckily I got it!" Nick says.

"But even at that tender young age, Nick already knew that showbiz was where his heart was." Mrs. Carter says.

"There's this old story," Nick says. "In the old house where I used to live, there was this old tree stump. It wasn't that tall, and I was a small kid. I stood up on it and I sang to the grass. I would pretend I was singing in a huge arena. And my mom caught me singing one day, and that's when I started taking singing lessons. All that happened when I was nine." Nick says.

"I immediately recognized my son's awesome talent and enrolled him in voice class. Nick loved every second of it, and as he progressed he saw his young career move full speed ahead." Mrs. Carter says.

"I started doing commercials -- I did the Florida Lottery, Sears and NASA. Then I sang on the New Original Amateur Hour and won. I did some extra work in movies, but I didn't have much of an interest in movies. I was always interested in singing." Nick says.

"And singing would become Nick's life's work ---- specifically, singing with the Backstreet Boys. As the group struggled through it's early years ---- traveling across the world, gathering fans in faraway places like Asia and Germany ---- Nick struggled with his growing--up years. In front of the eyes of millions, Nick shot up from 5'6" to a strapping 6'1", changing from a cute, giggly little guy to an absolute heart--throb. According to Brian, Nick is the BSB who's done the most changing over the years ---- more than just his obvious growth spurt. Brian says that Nick was so young when they started out, and now he's like a kid in a candy store. But you talk to him, and he still has his head on straight. If I were his age when all my dreams came true, my head would be huge. But he's so together, and he's really growing up into a great guy." Mrs. Carter finishes.

"That was so good!" you say.

"That is our Nicky for you." Mr. Carter says.

That pizza was really good. Thank--you for dinner. But I really do have to get home." you says. "It was nice to meet all of you."

"It was real nice to meet you too. Please come again." Mrs. and Mr. Carter tells you.

You and Nick walk out the door and you two get into Nick's green truck and Nick drives you home.

"Thankyou Nick. That was really fun. I hope that we can see each other again." you say.

"Thankyou too. That was really good." Nick says. "I am sure that we will see each other again. How about tomarrow night?" Nick asks.

"Sure!" you say as you open the door.

Nick leans over and grabs your hand and you turn around and Nick kisses you on the lips.

"Goodnight!" Nick tells you.

"Goodnight Nick!" you say.

You get out and walk up to your house. You open the door and Nick drives away. You shut the door and lean up against the back of the door and sigh. You can't believe that Nick Carter just kissed you and asked you out again!

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