Howie and Kevin's Birthday Project and Backstreet Boys Mother's Day Project

This Page Has Been Seen Time's!

Happy Birthday To

Howie Dorough


Kevin Richardson!



I Am Making A Book And Filling It With Letters And Cards To Send To

Howie For His 26th Birthday On August 22, 1999 And One Book For

Kevin For His 28th Birthday On October 3, 1999.

I Will Stop Accepting Letters And Cards For Howie On August 10,

1999. And I Will Stop Accepting Cards And Letters For Kevin On

September 22, 1999.

I Am Doing This So That Every One On The Internet Can Get A

Chance To Send Howie And Kevin A Letter To Say Happy Birthday.


I Will be accepting Mother Day Cards And Letters For All The

Backstreet Boys Mothers To Show Them How Gratefull We The

Fans, Are For Them To Giving Us Such Great Guys.

I Will Be Accepting These Starting On April 10th.

So I Will Accept Them From April 10th Or Earlier Till May 1st. (Mothers

Day Is On May 9th) But I will Give My Address Out To Those Who

E-Mail Me Back And Let Me Know What They Are Going To Be


I Will Send Howie's Mom's Mother Day Cards To Howie's Mom And I

Will Send The Other Guy's Mother Day Cards To AJ's Mom To Be

Given To The Guy's Mothers.


And Now For Howie's And Kevin's Birthday Project!


If You Would Like To Contribute Something For Howie's Or Kevin's

Birthday Please E-Mail Me Here At


These Are The Kind Of Stuff That I Will Allow To Be Sent To Me To

Send To Howie And Kevin.


The Way That I Will Send This Stuff To Howie Is Through His Parents


And The Way I Will Send The Mother Day Cards Is Through AJ's

Moms Address. I will Also Send Her Kevin's Birthday Card Folder. I Will

Not Give Howies Address Out To Any One. I Have Promised His

Parents That I Will Not Give It Out. And I Tend To Keep That



But This Is What I Am Going To Do For Howies And Kevins Folders;

I Am Getting A 3 Ring Binder (One For Howie, And Kevin) And

Decorat The Front And Back Of It To Look Like A Big Huge Birthday

Card. And Inside I Will Have Them Clear Plastic Sleeves That You

Can Put Stuff In.


These are the things that I will accept:

***Birthday Cards***

***Pictures Of Your Self Can Be Encluded With The Cards*** (Please

Enclude Your Name And Your Address And A Self Addressed

Stamped Envelope Because They Just Might Write You Back)

***Letters Wishing Howie And Kevin A Happy Birthday Or Telling

Them How Much You Enjoy Listening To Them And Or How Much

That They Have Inspired You.***


The Things That I Will Not Allow To Be Sent Is:

***Letters Telling Them How Much You Want Their body And How

You Are Going To Marry Them. And Or How Much You Love The

Other Guys.*** (These Cards And Letters Are Going To "Howie" And

"Kevin" Only! None Of The Other Backstreet Boys Members Will

Receive Anything!!!)

***I Won't Accept Any Big Boxes With Presents For Howie Or Kevin

Because I Won't Have Enough Money For The Postage To Be

Sending That Stuff To Them.***


I Will Stick Your Cards And Letters In The Slots That Will Go Into The

Binders And Mail Them to Howie's Parents House And To AJ's Moms



These Are Some Questions....

~~~How Did I Get Howie's Address?

***I Was Looking Through Yahoo!! People Search And Decided To

Find Howie's Address. I Typed In His Dads Name And His Address


~~~How Do I Know That It Is Him?

***Because I Sent Howie And His Family A Sympathy Card (Along

With Some Other People's Sympathy Words From The Computer) And

I Got A Reply Back.***

I Also Wrote To Hoke And Told Him That I Found His Address On

The Internet. And 3 Weeks Later His Address Was Taken Off.


So If You Want To Go And Look Around For It You Won't Be Able To

Find It.

E-Mail Me For More Information. (I Will Acept Print-Out

Cards That You Print Out From The Internet. I Can't Print Nothing Out

Because My Printer Is Broke Down.)


Money Wise.... There Is Something Special Down Here Too....

***I Will Ask For .50 Cents To Help With The Stamps And To Help

With The Clear Plastic Sleeves. And If I Have Any Money Left Over

From Out Of My Pocket And Money That I Don't Use I Will Donate It

To Howie's Charity For His Sister Caroline That Had Passed Away

Last Year. I Will Get A Money Order And Put It In Howie's Sisters

Name And I Will Send You The Money Order Number So You Can

Track It To See Where It Went Too. So If You Want To Contribute

To That Too For Howie's Birthday That Would Be Nice.



My E-Mail Again Is