"I'll Never Break Your Heart" USA Version

1. How many people do you know with bathtubs in their living rooms??? Obviously, one now, Kevin : )

2. There are those shots of the apartment building that they are in and you can see a traffic light...notice that after every verse it's red and turns green at the beginning of the next verse

3. Near the end when they all sing "I'll Never Break Your Heart...." you see Howie with his "girl", look behind Howie and you see a globe turned to America : ) USA all da way

4. Things to look for in their "rooms"

AJ's: the broken mirror and weird stereo system

Brian's: the chihuahua of course (which is NOT Tyke, Brian's real life pet) and the skull on the wall

Kevin's: can we say bathtub in the Living Room??!!

Howie's: weird shaped glass bottles and all the neat guitars

Nick's: the little TV with a nintendo/controllers hooked up to it, Nick's hair was s'posed to look like Cloud Strife's from Final Fantasy 7...Originally he wanted braids, but they wouldn't let him go to that extreme

5. The "girlfriends"

Nick's: is/was a 15 year old model named Jessica Mion...she said in an interview she already had a b/f...phew!

Brian's: i'm almost positive this is his real life girlfriend...Leighanne Wallace (starred in Wild America as Tanna and the ALAYLM video)

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