I    Know    What    You    Did    Last    Summer!

I don't know who wrote this story. But it is also a good one!

*** BSB just got out of the Monthly Trans Con party in Orlando FL.***

Nick: That party ruled!

AJ: What the hell are you talking about? It was as boring as hell.

Nick: Well at least the food was good!

AJ: Oh lord. Can you go an hour without shoving shit in your face?

Nick: ...no...but i can go five minutes?

AJ: Just shut up.

Nick: ok.

Howie: Hey *wink* guys! *wink* Can we go *wink* to Wal Mart? I need to *wink* buy some new shirts! *wink*

Kevin: what the fuck? Howie it's 1:00 am. Walmart isn't open you drunk bastard.

Howie: Why do *wink, drool* you all call me names?*wink*

Brian: Because you are the gay ugly one, we're sopposed to make fun of you.

Howie: Oh.

***They then pile into AJ's car and drive home. They come across a deserted dark highway and they drive through there since there is no other way to start the story***

Nick: This place is giving me the creeps......

Brian: Nick the Ghoster Coaster gave you the creeps for god's sakes.

Kevin: *Growls* Brian. What have i told you about saying Lord's Name In Vein?

Brian: I don't know. I forget.

Kevin: ......

AJ: Can you guys shut up? I'm *trying* to drive.

Nick: Do you even have a drivers liscence??

AJ: No, but leave me alone. This is a fanfiction story. Let me have my fun, asshole.

Nick: ...ok.

Brian: Do you think there are any whores out at this time of night?? *Looks through the windows*

AJ: Yeah but they wouldn't be on a deserted highway.

Brian: Why are we?

AJ: Who the fuck knows.

***They drive along, when suddenly something falls from above unto the window shield. It makes a loud thud and they assume they hit someone.***

AJ: Shit, I think I hit someone. You think Should I stop?


AJ: ok. *Screetches to a halt and they all get out*

Nick: *Walks to the bloody carcass and kicks it* Dudes, I think he's dead.

Brian: Well we ran him over with a BMW going at 130 MPH. You think?


Howie: *wink* What? I didn't *wink* do anything!! Why are you *wink* blaming me?! *drool*

AJ: Because you are the ugly gay one and we are sopposed to.

Howie: Oh yeah. *wink*

Kevin: *Is clearly flipping out* YOU BRAINLESS IDIOTS!!! We are going to go to jail!!!!

Brian: Damn. This sucks.

AJ: How about we throw him off that dock that just so happens to be over there? *points*

Nick: Sure why not?

***They pick up the body and carry it over to the dock dumping it in the lake***

Brian: Well that's taken care of. Let's go home, eat pizza and watch afterdark.

AJ: Sounds good to me!

Howie: *wink* why don't they ever show any gay por-*wink*

***They All look at Howie***

Howie: *wink, drool* nevermind.

***So They Get Home and Tune into their Daily 2 hours of After Dark, When the Phone rings...***

Nick: I'll get it. *picks it up* Hello?

Caller: ......I'm calling from inside your house....

Nick: ......? Who the hell is this?

Caller: ....Are you home alone.......Can I be your boyfriend.......

Nick: Listen dude, I don't know who you are but I'm not gay ok? Everyone may think so but I'm not.

Caller: ?!?!? Wait a sec..this isn't Neve Campbell?

Nick: What the fuck? No. This is Nick Carter.

Caller: ...SHIT. I have the wrong number. By the way, You're a fag. *click*

Nick: ....DAMNIT!!!

Brian: Hey Howie can you pass the chips?

Howie: *wink* wow!! You're asking me to do something *wink* for you?!! *wink, drool* I'm honored!!!!!

Brian: ......just pass the chips k?

Howie: ok. *passes them*

Kevin: Nature calls...*stands up and walks into the bathroom*

***In the bathroom it is unusually hot and the steam is left on the mirror.***

Kevin: *Mutters to himself* Stupid hot weather. Hell I'd rather live in Antarctica with these friggen temperatures.

***Kevin looks up and sees on the mirror there are letters written to spell "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID."***

Kevin: !!!!!!!! *Storms out of bathroom* OKAY. Very funny guys..do you like pissing me off?

Brian: What the hell did we do now?

Kevin: Don't tell me you didn't write that shit on the mirror. I'm not stupid.

AJ: And what a wonderful job you are doing of showing it.

Kevin: .........

Brian: Kevin i think the Viagra has gone to your brain.

Kevin: Piss off. All of you. *Goes into his room and slams the door*

Nick: I hate those times of the month, don't you?

Brian: oh totally.

***Later that night everyone is asleep....a dark figure comes into the house looking around...then advances into the hallway stopping at the first door which "happens" to be Howie's...then enters***

***Next morning they hear Howie scream***

Brian: *Rushes into the room* WHAT?!!? WHAT?!!?

***Howie is standing there with his short hair (Like in Get Down) with black curly hair surrounding him***

Howie: *wink* My Jheri curls!!! *Sob, wink, drool* My jheri curls are gone!!!! So much time *wink* I spent on them!! *sob, drool* All for nothing!! *wink*

Nick: *Comes in* WOAH! Howie who did that?!!?

AJ: Dude, you look better.

Howie: ...do I? *wink*

Brian: Yeah, maybe you'll have fans now.

Howie: *wink* Fans??? You really think so??? *wink*

Brian: Possibly!

Howie: Oh Boy!! *wink* *bounds out of the room happily*

***Later that day they perform a concert. After the concert they are running to their van with about 200 girls chasing after them, they then come home to find about 30 girls all in front of their house***

Fans: Oh my god!! Look it's BSB!! Nick!! Nick!!!

Brian: We know what we got to do.

AJ: Yup.

***Aj and Brian fling Nick out of the bus causing the fans to mob him and they run full speed into their appartment and lock the door***

Howie: *wink* Do you think he'll be *wink, drool* okay?

AJ: Ignoring Nick's screams of agony and sickening cracks of bones* Yup, he'll be fine.

Kevin: OH MY GOD!!! Look on the side of that building!!! *points out the window*

***They all gather around to see on the side of the building Their house address written in big bold graffiti letters***

Brian: That must be why the fans came.

AJ: shit, that means we have to move again.

Kevin: ..You idiots. That must be the same person that cut Howie's curls off!

Howie: K..Kevin...*in a teary voice* *wink* don't remind me of that...*wink* i haven't gotten over that yet...

Kevin: Oh...sorry dude.

***Nick then comes in, his clothes all ripped and his face all bruised.***

Nick: I have one thing to say to you all. FUCK YOU.

AJ: We love you too man.

Nick: GRRRR. *storms up into his room*

***Later that night they head over to the docks to hang out on their boat for some reason.***

Brian: I just love a boatride at night!

AJ: *is hurling over the side of the board* I'm glad someone does.

Howie: *Is dancing and lipsyncing to Like a Virgin.*

Nick: Shit...who let Howie bring that?

Kevin: It was your turn to look after that.

Nick: Quiet Monobrow Boy.

Kevin: Would you like to take this on land?

Nick: ...no not really.

Kevin: ..Cool, me neither.

***All of a sudden there is a loud crash and the music stops***

Howie: aww...*wink* it was my favourite *wink* part!!

Brian: What the fuck was that?!?

AJ: Hell if i know.

Nick: It sounded like it was coming from underneath the boat.

Kevin: Howie go check downstairs.

Howie: *wink* Why me??? *drool*

AJ: Cause you're the ugly gay one.

Howie: Damn, *wink* I keep forgetting that. *wink, drool*

***Howie disappears underneath the boat and then there is silence. All of a sudden Howie screams and then comes running up on board as a bloated smelly carcass of a guy follows him close behind***

Brian: Woah!!! Look it's Nick's Girlfriend!!!!!

Nick: Very funny dipshit.


AJ: Shit..is it?

Brian: ..damn, my bad.

Nick: fuck you.

***The Carcass comes to stop and stares at them***

Carcass: You don't think I'm scary???

Brian: Not really.

AJ: Were we supposed to?

Carcass: Yes you were.

AJ: FUCK. Okay do that again.

***The Carcass goes downstairs and then comes up again***

All Of Them: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian: How was that?

Carcass: Much better. Lets get on with it.

Brian: ok.

Carcass: Grr.. you morons...I've tried everything! Writing your address in public..Cutting that gay ugly one's hair off!! But you don't have a clue do you?!!

Kevin: I did. But no one ever listens to me.

Carcass: SILENCE!!! I'll get my revenge for you killing me!!!!

Brian: Wait a minute I thought you were dead before we hit you?

Carcass: ....Was I?....

AJ: Yeah.

Carcass: ...Oh. Well I'm still going to kill you anyways!!! *advances towards them*

Nick: DAMNIT!!!!!

***All of a sudden the Spice Girls run in.***

AJ: ....What the hell?

Mel B: Isn't this where Spice World is sopposed to be filmed????

Kevin: No..that's next door.

Carcass: ....... Mel C: I told you it wasnt here!! you never listen to me!!

***The Spice Girls leave arguing***

AJ: Quick!!! Howie!! Now's your chance!!!

Howie: *wink* To do what? *wink, drool*

AJ: To proceed to your ultimate weapon!!!!!!

Howie: *wink* oh *drool* yeah....


***Howie rips his shirt open and bares his chest to the Carcass***

Carcass: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Melts into green liquid instantly.*

Brian: YES!!!! You did it Howie!! Just for that, you can sing Like A Virgin allll night!

Howie: YES!!! *wink*

Nick: Well this turned out quit alright, AJ..never fucking drive again k?

Kevin: A-men to that.

AJ: ........

***THE END!***