How To Catch Howie's Eye!

You guys get to the bar and go in and sit down.

You guys order a few drinks and howie leaves to go to the bathroom and the other guys come in.

They spot you and come over.

"Hello!" they all say.

"Hey guys, I was just woundering...I really like Howie and I would like to go back out with him again. But I don't know what he goes for. What does it take to get Howie to notice me more?" you ask.

"Be a sucker for romance. Howie loves it. He's the type of guy who'll love showering you with flowers and love poems. So sit back and enjoy it!" A.J. says.

"Be active. Howie's into staying in shape, and you'll both enjoy working out more if you do it together." Brian says.

"Be honest and sincere. Just like he is!" says Kevin.

"Be a homebody. Howie's favorite times are quiet hours spent at home. A home cooked meal, candles and some quiet conversation will make him completely happy." Nick says.

"Thanks guys!" you say.

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