Welcome To Howie's Crystalball Room!

As you guys are driving along Howie's cell phone rings up. You pick it up and on the other line is a psychic.

"Hello there! You have just won 3 free minutes of a real psychic phone call." the psychic lady says.

"It's a psychic lady Howie, she says you have won 3 free minutes." you say.

"Well just take them and see what she has to say." Howie tells you.

"Ok, I wan't to know what the guy next to me is all about!" you ask her kinda sarcastically because you don't believe in this kind of stuff.

But she tells you, "The Dapper Mr. D! Of the five Backstreet Boys, Howie's the dude who's most into dressing up. Although the other guys have a great sense of style, Howie's the one who really enjoys looking spiffy--especially if he's heading out for a night on the town. "I'm the most conservative dresser," he says. "I'm the type of guy who really makes an extra effort to put together a nice outfit. It's just important to me."

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