Group Gossip

Rumor: Nick, A.J., Brian, Kevin and Howie are working on an upcomig full-length motion picture for Columbia/TriStar!

Scoop: As we go to press there is no such finalized project. But the boys say they'd love to do a movie!

Rumor: In Eddie Murphy's flick, The Nuty Proffessor, the Backstreet Boys' "Boys Will Be Boys" can be heard for about 20 seconds during a party scene at Sherman's house.

Scoop: Oh-So-True! Time to rent The Nutty Professor!

Rumor: Past U.S. tours rarely featured solos by the guys but foreign concerts did!

Scoop: True! But now U.S. concerts do too!

Rumor: Fergie, a.k.a. the Dutchess of York, did an interview with the guys for a British mag. To prepare, she consulted her daughters for info!

Scoop: Fergie's daughters are big fans and yes, they did give her some helpful BSB hints!

Rumor: Last year (1997) BSB were invited to a New Years Eve party thrown by Canadian singer Bryan Adams!

Scoop: They may ave been invited, but on New Years Eve they were at their own party.

Rumor: The new CD, due out in November (now due out in April), will be called Backstreet Boys Paradise, Backstreet Boys in Paradise or Backstreet's Paradise.

Scoop: As we go to press, the boys say there is no title!

If you have any BSB rumors please e-mail me them and I will put them up here. Thankyou!

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