"You've Got Mail"

Chapter Two

(Houston,Texas Two Days Later)

"Mom, I'm going over to Bille's for awhile. See you later!" Amy called out, heading for the door.

"Amy,wait a second!" Amy turned around and saw her mom briskly walking towards her. "I was hoping we could go to the mall. We hardly ever spend any time together anymore."

"Mom, only babies go with their mummys." She reached for her car keys on the coffee table.

"Well, ok. Be back by 5 though and be careful!"

Amy gave a little laugh as she stepped outside. Parents, always so protective. She got in her '97 Honda Civic and cranked up the volume on her CD player. Alliyah's "Are You That Somebody" blasted through the speakers. The drive over to her boyfriend's house was only a few miles away so she arrived in no time.

"Oh, I'm sorry sweetie but Bille's not home now." his mom said when she got there.

"Do you know when he'll be back?" Amy was disappointed and it showed.

"No but I'll let him know that you dropped by."

"Ok, bye Mrs.Anderson." she waved goodbye and got back into her car. 'Now what?' she asked herself.She would call some of her friends up and ask if they wanted to do something but she knew for a fact they had other plans. So Amy decided to spend the day around the house. But her plans changed. She passed up a basketball court and thought she saw her best friend in the whole wide world Rachel sitting on a bench. A guy with his arm around her was seated next to Rachel. 'He looks really familiar.' Amy slowed the car down, straining to get a better view. The guy had wavy, dirty blondish colored hair and a tattoo on his right forearm of a clown laughing, much like Bille.

That's when it dawned on her that it was Bille and she certainly didn't like what she was seeing. Bille and Rachel were kissing and they were defidently getting into it. Rachel fingers were going through his hair and Bille actually tried to take her tank top off but Rachel pushed his hands away.

Inside, Amy was fuming. Her so-called "best friend" was cheating on her so- called "boyfriend". She stopped the car and marched right over to the two "lovebirds".

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" she demanded, seperating both of them. Bille had a surprised look on his face while Rachel couldn't even look into Amy's menacing eyes.

"Well...uh honey...umm..." Bille stumbled. He was at a lost for words.

"Don't uh honey me asshole!" Amy turned her attention to Rachel, "And I thought you were suppose to be my best friend!"

When Rachel didn't say nothing, Amy contintued on. By this time, she got everyone's attention on the court.

"Best friends don't hurt each other, let alone go kissing their boyfriends! In fact, you can have him!" Amy faced Bille again. By now she was fighting back the tears,"And I never ever wanna see either one of you ever again!"

Amy turned and ran, the tears pouring down her warm cheeks. She was hurt inside, pondering the fact that her best friend of six years and boyfriend of two were actually kissing. How long have they been doing this behind her back? Have they got further then just a kiss? She sped down the street, not really paying attention to how fast she was going. Amy pulled into the driveway and forced herself inside, going up the stairs two at a time. She locked her bedroom door and laid on her bed crying her heart out.

You've Got Mail...continued....

Chapter Three: