Chapter One "You've Got Mail"

~4 Months Later~

"Happy New Year Everyone!! Happy 1999!! Oh Yeah!! Alright!! Keep The Backstrret Pride Alive!!" all five guys shouted as confetti and balloons fell down on the stage as well as in the audience. Fireworks exploded not too far away. It was 12:00 am, January 1st 1999, and they were having their very own "Rockin' New Year's Eve Party" right in Orlando.The crowd of about 1,000 screaming girls almost equaled that of five million people back in Times Square. That's how loud it was.

Nick scooped up several balloons that had fallen on the stage and threw them right back at the audience, screaming out Happy New Year. They didn't get very far though because of the amount of hands streching out until they could strech nomore, hoping for a touch from him.

"Hey guys?" Howie asked.

"What?" all the guys replied in unison. It was appearent they were acting this all out.

"You know, since it IS 1999, I think we should sing Prince's 'Party Like It's 1999.' for them." he said, referring to the audience.

"Good idea D." AJ said,"Let's rock this house like it's 1999!!" he paused, then screamed like a psycho,"CUZ IT IS 1999!!!!"

The guys broke out into funky dance moves as they sang the song. Hands were waving everywhere,girls were cheering and singing along. All in all, it was the bomb!

Around 12:30 am, they decided to end it, wishing them all a happy and safe new year. Then they went backstage and broke into a run, knowing they only had a minute, if that to make it to the limo that was waiting in the back before too many fans started to pile in.

They got lucky,nobody was there. They crammed into the limo and took off. AJ started fanning himself. "Too hot..."he mumbled, rolling down the window.

"Whatta party." Kevin said, smiling. "We should do that again next year."

"And the year after and the year after that." joked Brian.

Nick spoke up, "Hey guys,I'm getting me a computer tomorrow and I was wondering if one of ya could help me with carrying it into my apartment and stuff."

"I can,"Kevin volunteered,"But what do you need a computer for?"

"I wanna play some of those online games. I heard they rock." Nick explained, pretending he had a controller in his hands.

" little Frack is going to become a computer geek."Brian teased. All the guys laughed except for Nick, who gave Brian a playful shove.

Nick began daydreaming of all the different types of computer games, just waiting to be played by him. He admited he was addicted to his Nintendo and more then likely will get hooked on computer games. He just couldn't wait...

Or could he?  


Chapter Two: