Backstreet Boys In Goonies!

Disclaimer: This story was written without the consent of the BSB. It is pure fiction and this is a humor story so if you don't like the bsb being made fun of then don't read any futher!

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At the beginning..Nsync have broke out of jail*

Howie sees them running from the cops with bullets flying everywhere....

*meanwhile at Nick's House*

Nick: "AH I hate Ruskin, Nothing exciting ever happens, fans can't even steal my lawn now. I can't wait to resign to LA"

Aaron: "Really? Wait don't you mean reside?"

Nick: "That's it, Thanks Aaron!"

Aaron *doing weights*: "I know how you feel whimp"

*****Knock at the door*****

*Aaron pushes Nick out the way*

Aaron: "Adopted wuse"

Nick: "I'm not an adopted wuse, I might be gay but not adopted!"

**Aaron runs down stairs, and looks to see who is at the door**

Aaron: "Its only Bone"

AJ: "Hey Nicky. Yo Nick seen Howie? Hey come lets go see some babes, come on this is our last weekend together"

**Aaron starts doing one handed handstands, and Nick starts doing his hair, when there is a Knock at the door**

AJ: "Troll aleart. It's Howie!"  

Howie: "Man, I just the most amazing thing"

AJ: "First you have to do the Wink, Twitch!"

Howie: "Come On"

AJ: "Do It"

Howie: "Ahhh" *starts winking and twitching*

*AJ pisses himself laughing, then Howie runs into the house*

Howie: "Guys, I just saw the most amazing thin, Nsync escaped from jail, there were bullets flying everywhere...Most amazing thing!"

AJ: "More amazing then the time you fell of the stage?"

Aaron: "More Amazing then growing you hair?"

Howie: "Ok, my hair is fake, but my wink isn't"

**Meanwhile Brian flies through the window**

Brian: "Alright then!"

**Then Jane Carter and Denise walk in**

Boys: "YO!"

Jane: "Boys Denise is going to help us with the packing, but she doesn't speak a word of Gang talk"

Boys: "Yo What'z Up?"

**Jane sighs then says they are going shopping**

AJ: "Whats you dad gonna do with all those sex objects in the attic?"

Nick: "I don't know"

Howie: "Maybe there's something up there to help fans like me..I can look sexy!"

**They run to the attic**

Howie: "Look I'm a dragqueen!"

Howie: "AJ LOOK!"

**AJ looks, then turns away and throws up!*

Nick: "Howie take that off you're gonna get me into trouble!"

Nick: *looks around* "look Brian theres a dark place over there!"

Brian: "Nick NOT now shhh" *walks into a picture and the glass smashes*

Aaron: "What did you DO! My daddy will be mad!"

Nick: "Look Brian found a map"

**They look**

AJ: "Cool, Look I think McDonalds is there" *points on the map*

Brian: "Yeah AJ what ever..."

Nick: "Its a map of our coast line, from that a Year or something?"

AJ: "Yeah Nick is a YEAR! Jerk!"

*Brian gets up knocks over another picture*

Aaron: "What did you break this time Rok?"

Brain: "Look have you ever heard of New Kids on the Block, Look New Kids on the Block, say that they have the key to one stuff"

Nick: "Wow, do you guys see we can fine the tresure"

Aaron: "You can't go mummy said SO!...and I have a date with Hanson on Tuesday"

**Meanwhile Nsync make it to there hid out, Then go for pizza**

**Back at Nick's House, the guys start watching TV**

Nick: "Aaron come here"

*Aaron walks over*

Aaron: "yes?"

**Nick quickly puts the head phones on Aaron's head and turns the volume and plays the Spices girls**

**AJ, Brian, Howie, and Nick make a run for it**

Howie: "AsLong as you love me I dont care who you are where your from..lallalaa"

Nick: "Shut Up howie, your not allowed to sing leads!"

**As they follow they the map, that Brian found, they end up at Nsync's hide out**

Nick: "We have to get to the lowest point"

Aaron: *Who suddenly appears* "Lowest point nothing Nick"

AJ: "Where did you come from?"

Howie: "I don't like it here, I think we should go!!"

**Walking around Nick hears moaning**


**the guys run to Nick"


Nick: "Theres an IT, this place has an IT! With One EYEBROW!"


**Meanwhile in the basement, The Nsync inter their hide out**

Justin: "I'm so better then that Nick guy"

Nick: "Gasp"

Lance: "We are such BSB wannabes"

AJ: "Got that right"

Nick: "Shhh"

Brian: "Hey look we can get out down there, in the fire place"

Howie: "I can't get dirty, I wear neat clothes not like you guys, plus its nearly dinner time, and our parents will be worried"

Nick: "Home?, in a couple more hours its not going to be home anymore, this is our last chance to show Nsync that they are BSB wannabe!"

Howie: "I'm not going down there" **the others are going down*

AJ: "Jump out that window, even though you wont fit through it"

**Howie Jumps out the window Yelling** I'm going to get the police!"

**Meanwhile the Nsync go to feed their IT**

Justin: "You only have one eyebrow wonder they call you a Freak!"

Kevin: *drool* yeah *drool* *mumbling*

Lance: "Leave him alone"

**Back down the fireplace**

Brian: "Where are we?"

AJ: "We need a light!"

**Brian pulls over Nick's top**

Nick: "NOOOO not its tooo bright"

AJ: "it looks like a giant piggy bank in here" *putting on his sunnies*

Aaron: "Silver shinning everywhere"

Brian: "Aaron you're looking at AJ's rings"

Aaron: "Oh"

Nick: "I think its the Wishing well...*turns away from the guys and gets out a coin* I wish I wasn't gay"

Brian: "WHAT ever Nick!"

*Suddenly a coin gets thrown down the well*

Aaron: "Look a coin" *throws it back up *

Coin thrower: "Hey who is down there!"

Aaron: "HEY"

Brian: " that you? Hey that rhythms! I'm a poet!"

Aaron: "Lou send down the bucket!"

Lou: "what ya doing at the bottom of the well?"

Aaron: "Don't ask stupid questions just send down the bucket come on!"

Nick: "New Kids on the Block, New Kids on the Block, Don't you guys see don't you realize, they weren't pros, look how far we have come we have a chance!"

AJ: "A chance of what Nicky getting killed? Look if we go any more some one is going to get hurt maybe killed besides we have to get to the police, and tell them that Nsync are coping us"

Nick: "Maybe Howie already got to the police"

AJ: "Maybe Howie got a solo career"

Nick: "Don't say that never say that Howie cant sing leads! BSB never say that, nor do we swear, or have lives of our own!"

**They continue for the treasure**

Nick:"WE DONE IT!, no we can afford to end Nsync!"

Justin: *suddenly appears* What ever pretty boy"

Nick" Gasp" **FAINTS**

AJ: "Where did you come from?"

Justin: "is that all you say?"

AJ: "Look what you done you made Nick faint!"

Lance: "Shut up hair freak, move over there"

**They move together**

**Meanwhile Kevin and Howie join up and try to sing!, Not thinking about the others**

AJ: "Wheres Howie when you need his winks?"

**Suddenly a group of teen Boppers bust in**

Teen bopper No.1: "THERE they are the Nysncs are BSB wannabes lets get them! AHHH"

**The teen bopper group run after Nsync**

Justin: "RUN AHHH RUN!!"

AJ: "Well at least they aren't running after me"

Brian: "nah they only run after Nick"

**The teen boppers come back**

Teen bopper No.2: "OHMYGOD"

AJ: "You're Back again!"

Teen bopper No.2: " Its the Bsb!!

AJ: "Really where?"

Teen bopper No.3: "NICK NICK NICK!!"

AJ: "Quick, Brian throw something at them!"

Brian: "But what?!?!" *looks around*

Brian: "AHHH" *picks up Nick and throws him*

Brian: "RUN!!"

AJ: "But what about all that rich stuff?"

Brian: "What about our lives?"

AJ: "Good Point" **AJ and Brian runs for it!!**

Aaron: "NOOOOO NICK!!" *runs toward the teenboppers who are tearing Nick apart*


What happened to everyone? Well Nsync are back in Jail...after failing to give reason why they weren't like BSB.Aaron and Nick were killed by crazy teenbopper fans...Howie and Kevin, still dont get to sing leads...they are now trying out for the Spice Girls..As for AJ and Brian are still running, to scared to stop they are in the Australian outback right now!!