"Get Down"

These are in order as the words come.

The words in these things --> ( ) , are what the guys are singing so that way you can know when to check for the misstake.

1. ("I'm in delusion" ~ Nick) Check out the funny faces Brian is making during Nicks solo.

2. ("...One for me...." ~ Nick) We think that Kevin's a bit anxious to sing here. If you watch Kevin instead of Nick, he's mouthing the words - except it isn't his turn to sing yet.

3. ("You're my ecstasy" ~ 1st chours) on the word ecstasy, Kevin decides to sing something else (watch his lips).

4. ("...And get down..." ~ A.J.s Rap) What is Kevin doing here? Guess he isn't as serious as we thought he was.

5. ("I want your lovin" Before 2nd chorus) This must be the video for all Kevin fans. Have you seen that cute face he makes at this part?

6. ("Get down, Get down" 2nd time sung at 2nd chorus) Ok, we're getting real picky here, but on the second 'get down' if you watch Kevins legs, he crosses his leg in the back, while the other BSB performs the move with their leg crossed in the front.

7. ("Get down, get down and move it all around" 2nd chorus) Check out those shoes Nicks wearing!

8. ("Whoa, whoa, whoa" ~All singing) As the boys are getting up from a kneeling position, Brian has a memory lapse and instead of jumping up and clapping his hands, he just kinda walks around.

9. (At the end when they are singing "Get down") If you notice in the background, Nick is lying on the ground and it looks like he's having a seizure.

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