"Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"

1. (Beginning skit) If you look at Brian's mouth, you'll notice that he's chewing gum.

2. (Begining skit) As well as chewing gum, Brian keeps fiddling with his 'Kentucky' hat.

3. (Beginning skit) The bus driver is smoking a cigare but at the end, the bus driver is smoking again, and this time there is smoke coming out of the cigare.

4. (Intro) As Brian transforms into a warewolf, you see the camera angles switch to a shot of Brian with his jacket on and then to a shot of Brian with his jacket off his shoulder.

5. ("Am I the only one?" ~ Brian) Before his close-up, Brian is pointing his right index finger but during the actual close-up he is pointing his left index finger.

6. ("Now throw your hands up in the air" ~ A.J) If you watch the girl on the right, you'll notice that she is out of sync.

7. ("Don't have no fear" ~ Nick) This is an aerial view. This is the first of many moves that you will notice Brian misses.

8. (Through the dance sequence) The girl that started off dancing with Nick (his sister B.J.), to the right of the screen, is completely out of time and gets all the dance moves wrong.

9. (Dance scene) Both Kevin and Howieare late on the first jump.

10. ("Yeah" ~ Later) During the "Rowing" move on the ground, the second time they pull in (aerial view), Howie seems to be on the wrong beat considering that everyone is pulling in and he isn't.

11. ("Rock your body right" ~ Last time) Poor Brian he must have missed the dance class because he's just sitting there clueless.

12. ("Backstreet's back" ~ Last time) Not again! Brian gets up late, but thankgoodness for technology because as the camera changes angles he is on time again.

13. ("All right" ~ End of dance) Howie gets camera shy as he covers his face in his final pose.

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