Doggie Doo!

I went down to Orlando, Florida to visit my sister for two weeks. I took along my germanshepard dog.

My sister knew that I was a big fan of Backstreet Boys and when I got down there she said that she lived one block away from Brian Littrell. I was all freaking out and stuff and my sister told me that he lives down N. Carrie street but she didn't know which house. Oh well, I had to wait till the next day to go looking anyways because it was midnight when I got there.

So the next day I take my dog out for a walk. I find N. Carrie street and start walking down one side of the sidewalk looking at all the houses wondering which one could be Brians. I get to the end of the street and cross it and start back up the other side. About six houses up the road I walked, I see a door open and a little Taco Bell dog came running out. I stopped and the little dog came running up to me. I was looking at the dog and trying to keep my dog calm because by now the two were trying to play together and almost had me all tangled up.

"Umm...Hi!" I heard a voice say. I look up and it was none other then Brian Littrell.

"Hi!" I said not believing that he was standing there, "I'm sorry about your dog running out here." I said thinking that he was trying to get out with out his dog running out too.

"It's ok. I was coming out here anyway to check my mail since there ain't no screaming girls around." he said.

We stood there talking about our dogs and where I came from for about five minutes until we heard abunch of girls screaming out his name.

Brian grabbed his dog up in his arms and said if I was around later tonight to stop by. And with that he ran to his mail box grabbed his mail and ran inside as soon as the fans got to his door.

I was standing there shocked! I couldn't believe that I was talking to Brian Littrell of Backstreet Boys about my dog!

Well as things turned out I couldn't get out of the house to go back to Brians but he wouldn't of been there anyways because he had gone out with Kevin, A.J., and Howie.


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