Welcome To The Backstreet Boys Wonder Land Room 1

As you walk in the door you notice that you are in a concert hall. All of a sudden you have this ticket in your hand. It's for section A row 1 seat 10. Wow center stage!

As you go to your seat you see five stools on the stage with mics in front of them and one mic center stage at the edge.

You go to your seat and wonder your eyes around the concert hall. You notice the place is big and people are starting to take their seats. You also notice the door you came in from is no longer there.

After 20 minutes go by some guy starts talking about a radio station that is sponsoring the event. Then the guy starts to announce the names of five guys.

"Please welcome A.J. McLean!" The guy says.

All the people and even you begin to get excited.

A.J. comes out and takes his seat at the left end of the stage and introduces himself, "Hello! My name is A.J. other wise known as Bone. I'm 20 years old."

Then the guys voice says "Please welcome Howie Dorough!"

Again you and every one begin to scream.

Howie comes out and waves and winks and blows kisses and takes his seat at the far right end of the stage. "Hello!" Howie says, "My name is Howie Dorough, other wise known as Sweet D. (wink, wink) And I'm 26 years old."

The guy then announces Nick... "Please welcome Nick Carter!"

Nick comes out smiling and looking around. He spots you and walks over and shakes your hand then he takes a seat next to A.J.. "Hello, Hello! My name is Nick Carter. I'm 19 years old."

The guy then announces Brian. "Please Welcome Brian Littrell!"

This time the girls start to push forward and you get squeezed up against the stage and the screams get louder.

Brian comes out and makes funny faces at everyone while taking his seat. "Hi! Waz up? My name is Brian Littrell. You can call me B-Rok. And I'm 23 years old.

The guys voice once again announces another Backstreet Boys member.

"And now are you all ready for the last member?" All the girls scream. "Please welcome Brian Littrell's cousin, Kevin Richardson!"

All the girls push and scream and yell out each of their fave members names.

Kevin takes his seat and introduces himself. "Hey, sup, sup? I'm Kevin Richardson. I'm the oldest member in the group. I'm 27 years old. I hope that you enjoy this show other wise known as a web page."

Then the guys voice announces some one else. "Please welcome Karmen Jinks!"

Everyone looks at each other wondering who that is but they clap anyways.

A tall lady comes out and stands in the center stage at the mic. "Hello, my name is Karmen Jinks, I'm from the magazine company 'Celebrity Stars' and I'm going to tell you the begining of how these five fabulous guys met and got started. So here I go!"

She ruffles through some papers and then begins. "While the early nineties might have seemed normal for the rest of us, the Backstreet Boys were unkown to the world and to themselves, each of them pusuing separate careers in the entertainment business. Even though they were all still enrolled in high school, their dreams of super stardom were not far away, as each of them continued to study music and dance.

A.J. McLean, already an accomplished puppeteer with a role on the Nickelodeon show "Welcome Freshman," met Howard Dorough who had appeared in a few films including "Parenthood" and "Cop in a Half" during a local talent competition in Orlando, their hometown. Enter Nick Carter. As unlikely as it seems, he heard the two young men singing acapella during an audition and decided to join in creating a trio.

After deciding that the formation of a rhthm and blues group was something that the trio wanted to accomplish, they were in search of management. It was Louis Pearlman who suggested that they expand the group to five members.

Mean while, Kevin Richardson, a native of Lexington, Kentucky had moved to Orlando to work at Disney World, first as a tour guide and then playing Aladin for tourists. But Kevin dreamed of starting a music group as he frequented most local music hang-outs, armed with his keyboards and a thirst for songwriting. Once he heard about the formation of the Orlando based band he auditioned and was, at long last, a part of the soon-to-be-famouse group. Brian Littrell, the last to join the Backstreet Boys, was a long time choir vocalist and a shoe-in to the now popular group, since he is Richardson's cousin.

Years later, they have just released their second LP, "Backstreet's Back", which they hope will do as well as their debut release in 1995. The debut LP, which yielded the boy's five smash singles, was titled "We've Got It Goining On". Ih has since gone multi-platinum in many countries including Canada, Switzerland, Austria, and Taiwan. Why the five-star global success? If you ask the boys they'll tell you simply: "Our fans are the reason for everything!"

Now that they have had a big time U.S. hit with the song "Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)" and more recently with "As Long As You Love Me", another bestselling LP and videos on MTV, there are plans to publish a Backstreet Boys-inspired comic book which should be available as soon as late summer.

"It won't be totally outrageous," says Nick, the comic's creator. "It's going to be very dark and 'Spawn like," explains A.J. who also indicated that the group hopes to drum up a big-budget movie interest in the project by contacting directors like Tim Burton.

With their powerful stage presence and amazing vocals, it isn't hard to imagen that this group will be around for many years, spinning webs of songs for their numerous and expansive fan base."

They guys start to sing "All Never Break Your Heart" and some other songs. After they sing some songs they take a break to change costumes. You hear some girls talking about the guys....

You Have Been To This Concert Times.

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