"Any Where For You"

1. (Intro music) As the boys are walking along the beach, if you watch closely Nick is talking to himself.

2. ("Just one kiss from you" ~ Brian) On the left of the screen, howie leans over to shake someone's hand.

3. Near the balloon vendor (don't know what part of the song) poor Brian gets tangled in the balloon strings.

4. While Brian is on his bike, there is a girl hanging onto the back of his pants.

5. (As the camera moves from Brian on his bike to Howie on his bike, you will notice a large group of girls surrounding him.

6. ("And I never..." ~ Nick) On the right of the screen you see Howie throw a rock into the water.

7. Did you notice that the deck that the guys are standing on has a sign that says "Backstreet".

8. ("I know it's true" ~ Nick) Back to the bike scene, check out Howie, he almost falls!

9. ("All I'm ever gonna need" ~ All) This is the ending shot of the video and Nick must have been "Mr. Hyperman" at this point because he's sticking out his tongue!

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