"All I Have To Give"

1. During the chorus after the 1st verse of the song (Nick is in the orange colored button down shirt) Nick is totally singing something different than what he's supposed to be...he's kinda just gaping his mouth.

2. WATCH VERY CLOSELY after Howie sings his verse and AJ begins his. Howie walks back toward Nick (who's sitting in an office chair) and Nick (the mischievious meanie) sticks his leg out as to trip Howie...uh-oh

3. when Nick sings "I don't have a fancy..." Brian is shooting something with his finger (think it's just one of those adorable gestures they do)

4. when Brian sings "If he buys you nice things..." Kev is on the right jumping off a counter he was sitting on

5. when Brian sings "Give the world..." they are dancing and they flip their hats. Watch Howie! His hat decides to go for an extra lil spin : )

6. At the very end when the Boys are running towards the camera it seems that Brian was a lil slow and has to "jump" to catch up with the other guys!

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