"As Long As You Love Me"

Did you notice...

General info:

1. Through out the video, the clock on the wall will forever read 2:05!

2. The video is supposedly set in a laundromat if you check the building at the end of the video, yet there are no laundromat items (ie: washing machine, dryer, etc...). Instead, the setting consists of a car, fancy deck... (When they start singing) Brian's outfit is all blue, and yet, all of the guys are wearing the same outfits as the beginning except Brian, his outfit is now a brownish-tan shirt and orange pants which appears the exact same outfit as the blue one!

3. (Nick's funny scene) Would you believe his hair isn't a wig!?!?

1. ("Can't get you out of my head" ~Nick) Check out AJ's dancing partner, it's a prop!

2. ("History" ~ Nick) The girl seated in the chair looks into the camera.

3. ("Howie's funny scene) Think it's a wig? Wrong!

4. ("Who you are" ~ Second chorus, 2nd time sung) Nick's shirt sleeve slips off his arm, to reveal a tight, black tanktop underneath.

5. (As the boys approach the desk) A piece of AJ's belt is sticking out onto his shirt, but as they get closer, the belt is neatly tucked back in.

6. (The Boys at the desk) Howie, puts his right hand into his left pocket, but then it becomes his left hand on his hip, but then suddenly his arms are crossed infront of his chest. (???)

7. (At the desk) As A.J. reaches for the remote control, the camera zooms in, and there on his finger is his high schoolring.

8. ("I've tried to hide it" ~ Brian) Right before Brian begins this line, take a quick look in the back ground ~ AJ seems to be really fascinated with something on the ceiling.

9. ("Look into my eyes" ~ Brian) Where did Brian's right earring go??

10. (Right before Nick's "ooooh" solo) If you look away from Brian singing, in the background you won't find Nick ANY WHERE!!! Then he shows up in time for his "oooh" solo.

11. ("oooooooohhh" ~ Nick) Howie rubs AJ's back

12. (Right before the girl morphs back) Brian seems to be a little confused with what lyrics are suppose to be sung here.

13. ("As long as you love me" ~ Last chorus) Wonder what's caught Nicks eye.....

14. (Same as abouve) Don't worrie A.J., you'll get your turn.

15. ("Where your from" ~ Last chorus) Brian seems to have forgotten the lyrics again.

16. (At the end) When they are all walking out, Kevin is walking quickly towards the front of the guys, but when they camera gets closer in the next shot, Kevin is walking slower near the back of all the guys.

17. (At the end) As the Boys get up to leave the building, they exit off to our left, but as we get close-up, the Boys are exiting off the scene through a door which is on the right

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