Welcome To A.J.'s Wonder Land Room 2

As you walk in A.J's room, you notice the place you are in is Mc Donalds.

You see A.J. sitting by the window in the front corner motioning to you to come sit with him.

You go over and sit down and you two introduce your selfs. A.J. then orders you both a number 6 with ice tea. As you guys eat A.J. begins to tell you about how he got started in the intertainment business.

"Hi, my name is A.J. McLean, I'm 20 years old. I was born in Kissimmee, Florida. I bought a 10 room mansion with a game room and 10 acres of land. I also have a guitar shaped pool in my back yard. They call me A.J. Backstreet's Wild Man! And now here is my story!"

A.J. McLean is energy personified. He's a stupendous dancer, a marvelous singer and he's got a personality that's bigger than life.

A.J. was no stranger to the spotlight when he was selected to join the Backstreet Boys. He started working at the age of six, working the runway as a model. He was discovered, and given a role in a dinner theater production of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs-he played Dopey. "My mom thought it was a big deal, but I was like, ok, it's cool," he remembers. "'cause if you remember, Dopey doesn't say anything. But I was the biggest hit of the show."

A.J. continued to work as an actor in local theater, and in TV and movies. He also trained like crazy, taking both acting and singing lessons. Then when he was about 15 years old, he was called in to audition for a part in a singing group-and of course, that group became the Backstreet Boys.

A.J. quickly found his ninche in the Backstreet Boys, strutting his stuff and raising the roof with his deep, sexy baritone. When asked what his contribution was to the group, he modestly explained, "I guess the dancing and-maybe the stage presence? See, I do stupid things, just to get laughs or attention. I don't try to draw attention from the other guys-I'm just trying to bring attention to everyone. I've had girls come backstage after a show and say, 'boy, are you crazy!' and I tell them, good, that's what I want you to think."

Off stage, A.J. is thoughtful and almost-though not quite-shy, something you'd never guess by the playful things he does to his hair, or the shiny rings he sports on every finger. "Like the do?" he always asks when you notice his new hair color or style. "I like to change my hair alot. It's so I don't get boring. People would get so bored if they had to stare at the same me all the time."

A.J.'s Message To His Fans:

"Without you, we're all alone up here! You're the reason we're doing this!"

You Have Been To McDonalds Times

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