How To Win A.J.'s Heart!

{The bus drops you off at the park across from the art gallery. A.J. and you decide to walk in the park before going into the gallery.}

As you and A.J. are walking in the park you guys meet up with the rest of the group.

After you all say 'Hi!' A.J. takes off ahead with the others but Howie stays back with you.

As you and Howie walk you ask him how you can win A.J.'s heart.

Howie tells you:

Be ready for anything! A.J. loves fun, and you never know what he'll think of next!

Be especially ready for romance! A lovely serenade, some red rosses, a kiss on the hand; he's old fashioned and knows how to treat you like a lady.

Be confident! A.J. is, and he apperciates a girl who knows her own mind and states her opinions. Do not take the shrinking violent route - A.J. loves a girl who's sure of herself.

Be goofy! Indulge in your wacky sense of humor, 'cause you know A.J. won't mind one bit!

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