A.J.'s Gossip

s decide after lunch that you would take a bus to the art gallery. So you two leave mcdonalds and walk to the bus stop.

As you two sit on the bench some girls walk up and they don't realize that A.J. is sitting on the bench and they begin to talk about him.

Here is what they say...

Rumor: A.J.'s engaged! He also met a girl from Toronto, Canada, flew her to meet him in Montreal at a BSB show and then gave her a ring.

Scoop: Wrong! What's up with everyone being engaged, married and dating!

Rumor: He's dating No Doubt's Gwen Stefani!

Scoop: False! Gwen's dating Bush singer Gavin! However... A.J. admits she's a cutie. (A.J. is dating Amanda from Innacense.)

Rumor: He smokes!

Scoop: False! Smoking ruins the voice and causes tons of physical damage! A.J.'s totally a non-smoker!

Rumor: A.J. wants a third tattoo, but his mom says "No Way!"!

Scoop: A.J. has a cross tattooed on one shoulder and tribal stuff on the other! As for mom, let's just say she's not lovin' the idea of a third tat, but then again, whose mom would! (A.J. wants to get a panda tattoo)

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