A.J.'s Crystall Ball!

You and A.J. take off outside and decide to go and see a psychic.

You guys go in and sit down. You look around the room and see candles on the table and a crystal ball in the middle of the table, you also see candles on shelves and there are silver stars haning from the ceiling. The walls are all black.

After about 3 minutes a lady comes in the room through some black and silver beads hanging in the door way to the back room. She is wearing a black silk long dress with black lace hanging from the top of her head down to the floor.

She sits down across from you guys and askes what you want to know. A.J. tells you to ask her anything you want and so you ask her to tell you about A.J.. She looks in her crystal ball and rubs it with her two hands and after 30 minutes she says 'ah yes...'

With A.J.'s bounty of talents, there's absolutely no stopping him-he's got a successful future, no matter what he chooses to do. But what will his choice be? Although he's an awsome dancer and singer, we suspect there are two career possibilities in his future. One is behind the scenes-he's expressed an interest in producing material for other singers, and he totally loves working in a studio, where the action is.

And acting still holds great appeal for A.J. "That's what I started out doing," he muses. "That might be where I end up again. Who knows?" You go back out the door and you head back to where you came from. (Link to get back to go to another A.J. room)

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