Backstreet Boys and N Sync Together At Last On Jerry Springer Episode #2

Jerry: Hello folks, and welcome to Jerry Springer. We are 'pleasured' to have the boy band N Sync here on our stage! Welcome guys!

Gay Fan From Audience: I LOVE LANCE!

Lance: ~~*winks~~ Hey

Chris: Hey Jerry

Justin: No problem Jerry, we love you!

JC: Yeah...I love Joey more!

Joey: Thanks JC. ~~smiles~~

Jerry: Well, we have a suprise for you guys, backstage are the boy band that has called you all "gay" and "posers"!


Jerry: Let's bring out the Backstreet Boys!!

Audience: YEAH!

~~~Backstreet Boys walk out on stage waving~~~

Kevin: ~~points at Joey~~ You are all gay, and BACKSTREET RULES!

Joey: ~~stands up~~ Talk to the hand!

~~~Kevin picks up a chair and smacks Joey with it~~~

Brian: HA! You got knocked down!



Justin: Now now, boys, just because were better than you!

AJ: What did you say?

~~~Howie punches Justin~~~


Nick: ~~sits down by Lance~~ Hey Jerry!

Jerry: ~~sigh~~ I can't get a break!

JC: !!tears up~~ No, Joey! Wake up!

Brian: ~~smirks~~ JC YOUR SO STUPID!

~~~Audience ahs at Brian's first 'bad word'~~~

Kevin: ~~throws a chair at JC~~ Take a seat you fag!

Brian: I wanted to do that!




Lance: Can't we all just get along? ~~voice cracks~~

Nick: Oh Lance, I love it when your scared.

Lance: Really?

Nick: Yeah! ~~smiles~~ >Howie: Nick what are you doing? >Chris: AHHHHH *tackles howie* >*howie & chris duke it out for a while* >Brian: Justin's awake! >Kevin: what? >Justin: uhhh >Lance: Justin! your hair! it''s..... >Audience: *gasps* >Justin: what? >Nick: it's SOO messed up! >Justin: WHAT??? *begins to cry* *runs backstage* >Nick: JUSTIN WAIT! IM SORRY! >Kevin: *looks at nick* you're gay? >Brian: you didn't know >Kevin: he didn't look gay.... >AJ: ..... >Kevin: gad im dumb >*joey awakens* >Brian: *squeals* AJ LOOKOUT! >AJ: what? >Joey: *punches AJ* >AJ: *wipes his bloody lip* what was that? >Joey: *picks up chair* >AJ: *busts out some kung foo* WAH >Joey: *swings chair at AJ* >AJ: GO HOME YOU POSER! *kicks the crap out of Joey* >Brian: *goes to sit by Jerry* hey jerry, having fun? >Jerry: *sighs* help me >Audience: JERRY JERRY! >Howie: *stumbles up from beating up chris* ha ha HA >Chris: ......................... >Kevin: hey howie >Howie: hi >Lance: where is Nick? >*justin storms out* >Lance: what are you doing? >Justin: i can't believe you Lance! cheating on me for NICK! >Audience: OHHHHHHHH >Lance: but...but... >*nick walks out* >Lance: nick? >Nick: *kisses Justin* >Audience: OHHHHH! >Lance: NICK! i can't believe you! i loved you! >Nick: yeah, well, you cheated on me, and Justin is faithful >Howie: Nick, what the he*l? >Kevin: i did not need that >Jerry: oh gad...this is a whole nother show >Brian: jerry, im scared >Jerry: it's okay brian >Kevin: JUSTIN! YUR GONNA DIE! >Justin: NOOOO >Nick: DON'T KILL MY LOVE! >Kevin: *throws howie at justin* >Audience: YEAH YEAH! JERRY JERRY! >Nick: *looks pissed at kevin* KEVIN! I LOVE JUSTIN AND YOU OR HOWIE CAN'T STOP >US FROM FROCKLING IN THE LAND OF HOMOSEXUALITY >Audience: ....... >Chris: ........ >Kevin: NO! YUR GONNA DIE TOO! >Howie: uhhh >AJ: *whips out a gun* WSUP NOW YOU FAGS!!!! >Kevin: gimme the gun AJ >Audience: .......... >AJ: ...okay...*hands kevin the gun* >Kevin: *shoots lance in the head* >Audience: JERRY JERRY JERRY JERRY >Jerry: HOLY GAD! >Brian: STEVE! >*steve comes out* >Kevin: go away steve *shoots steve* >AJ: WOAH >Howie: what happened? >Nick: kevin! stop!... >Kevin: *raises gun to nick* Nick: no no no AJ: kevin? Brian: STOP KEVIN! *justin wakes up* Kevin: *shoots justin* Nick: NO! Kevin: *shoots nick* Nick: ............... Chris: *wakes up* Brian: KEVIN! CHRIS! Kevin: *turns around and points gun at chris* Chris: AHHHHHHH Howie: SHOOT HIM! Jerry: Audience: KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN Kevin: *smiles at audience and shoots chris* ***Jerry's final thought: I need a friggin pill to help me....that was the last show we had, so guess what?!? JERRY IS OVER! GO WATCH LEEZA!****